About Us


To be the preferred general contractor and builder for central Ohio focused on creative real estate solutions that drive change, revenue and profits.


We will accomplish our vision by providing stellar customer service, innovative solutions to our clients and to provide our employees with meaningful and purpose-driven projects which commands a sustainable competitive advantage.


1) Excellence always!

2) Be accountable.

3) Serve others.

4) Lead with action and communication.

5) Innovation leaders.


SeVen Properties of Ohio, LLC safety policy is to maintain safe working conditions for all employees under all conditions.

It is the goal and commitment of SeVen Properties of Ohio, LLC. to continue to have a safe work place for all employees and to set an example for all other working personnel on the site. Under the direction of our OSHA competent General Contractor, SeVen Properties of Ohio, LLC. has developed a comprehensive general Health and Safety Plan for our employees as well as site-specific Health and Safety Plans for individual projects.

Each field employee is required to partake in a medical monitoring program and all field personnel employees maintain First Aid and CPR certification. Each field employee is licensed in their trade profession and rewarded for a 100% safety record.


General Contractors: We are experts at hiring workers, establishing supply chains, acquiring and keeping track of tools and equipment, purchasing liability insurance, staying up to date on building codes, permitting processes, and other regulations.

New Construction: We are focused on the construction of all new structures or buildings including 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings, structural additions, alterations or repairs to existing commercial or multi-family dwellings and accessory structures or buildings.

Tenant Improvements: We handle project management, masonry work, concrete and brick work, asbestos removal, electrical work, internal and external plumbing, removal and installation of building entryways, flooring, ceiling and wall improvements, roofing, painting, demolition, structural remediation, and roadway improvements.

Renovations: We coordinate and manage the modification, alteration, or repair of existing 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings, multi-family, industrial and commercial buildings.


  • Shaun Ford (Co-owner & General Contractor)

Mr. Shaun Ford provides the vision and direction to the members of the company. He strives to create profit without compromising on ethical principles and being consistent with the mission statement of the company. Mr. Shaun Ford is responsible for site work, organizational planning, financial planning and execution, external partnerships, government accreditations, overseeing marketing and public relations and human resources.

Education: Attended The Ohio State University

Major: Business Administration

Certifications: General Contractor (licensed, insured and bonded)

  • Huyen Ninh (Co-owner & Realtor)

Ms. Huyen Ninh is responsible for managing the day-to-day office operations including, but not limited to the following: accounting (Account Receivable and Account Payable, contractor payment documents, entering bills and receipts). Huyen has 23 years of experience in client management and 10 years of real estate experience ranging from listings, to buyer representation and with property renovations.

Education: Attended Franklin University

Major: Business Marketing

Certifications: Realtor